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Top 25 episodes of American Gladiators (1989-1996)

These top 25 episodes are listed in chronological order, since that's usually the best viewing order. Click the "Rating" column heading to order the episodes by rating.

S1-E0171First Half Preliminary Round 1: Hund vs. Perry/Shumski vs. Williams
S1-E0270First Half Preliminary Round 2: Henry vs. Jorge/Moore vs. Wirth
S1-E0468First Half Preliminary Round 4: Petitto vs. Ross/Carroll vs. Wyatt
S1-E0568First Half Preliminary Round 5: Phillips vs. Cotton/Rogers vs. Todd
S1-E0670First Half Quarterfinal Round 1: Cotton vs. Hund/Williams vs. Shumski
S1-E0779First Half Quarterfinal Round 2: Petitto vs. Ross/Wirth vs. Simmons
S1-E0870First Half Quarterfinal Round 3: Henry vs. Needham/Moore vs. Hutson
S1-E0968First Half Quarterfinal Round 4: McCarthy vs. Phillips/Carroll vs. Todd
S1-E1179First Half Semifinal Round 2: Cotton vs. Phillips/Hutson vs. Wirth
S1-E1668Second Half Preliminary Round 3: Anderson vs. Brady/Venturi vs. Rampe
S3-E0170First Half Preliminary Round 1: Costantino vs. Adams/Mercer vs. Tillotson
S3-E0668First Half Quarterfinal Round 1: Foster vs. Costantino/Mercer vs. Tillotson
S4-E0168Preliminary Round 1: Wilson vs. Worthington/Kropp vs. Torjesen
S4-E2677Grand Championship Final: Ortega vs. Mauro/Lentz vs. Mollica
S5-E0268First Half Preliminary Round 2: Grey vs. Bettendorf/Langston vs. Jernegan
S5-E0579First Half Preliminary Round 5: LePage vs. Hughes/Williams vs. Marshall
S5-E0768First Half Quarterfinal Round 1: Bettendorf vs. Cooley/Langston vs. Williams
S5-E2373Second Half Semifinal Round 2: Weber vs. Fluker/Wojchiechowski vs. Ramsey
S5-E2770Gold Medal Challenge of Champions: Manning vs. Biggs vs. Johnson/Lieberman-Cline vs. Brown vs. Turner
S6-E0173First Half Preliminary Round 1: Schwepker vs. Berry/Wheat vs. Marino
S6-E0568First Half Quarterfinal Round 1: Tyler vs. Lockey/Berry vs. Hill
S6-E0968First Half Semifinal Round 1: Muse vs. Berry/Wheat vs. Tyler
S6-E1175First Half Final Round: Berry vs. Goodwin/Tyler vs. Marino
S7-E0970Qualifying Round 9: Storm vs. Jackson & Croom vs. Howard
S8-E1374Battle of the Best II: Storm vs. Berry & Odita vs. Sullivan

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