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Top 50 episodes of Baywatch (1989-2001)

These top 50 episodes are listed in chronological order, since that's usually the best viewing order. Click the "Rating" column heading to order the episodes by rating.

S01-E0164In Deep
S01-E0262Heat Wave
S01-E0365Second Wave
S01-E0762Rookie School
S01-E0861Cruise Ship
S01-E1062Shelter Me
S01-E1362Home Cort
S01-E1565Muddy Waters
S01-E1662Snake Eyes
S01-E1868Shark Derby
S01-E1963The Big Race
S01-E2064Old Friends
S01-E2161The End?
S02-E0964The Trophy: Part 1
S02-E1162If Looks Could Kill
S03-E0264River of No Return: Part 2
S03-E1161Dead of Summer
S03-E1562Vacation: Part 1
S03-E1761The Tower
S03-E1961Shattered: Part 1
S04-E0361Lover's Cove
S05-E0661Short Sighted
S05-E2061Promised Land
S06-E0261Trapped Beneath the Sea: Part 2
S06-E0364Hot Stuff
S06-E0862Hit and Run
S06-E1162The Incident
S06-E1561Bash at the Beach
S06-E1764Sail Away
S06-E1964Forbidden Paradise: Part 1
S06-E2063Forbidden Paradise: Part 2
S06-E2161Last Wave
S07-E1364Chance of a Lifetime
S07-E1462Talk Show
S07-E1662Matters of the Heart
S08-E0261Next Generation
S08-E0861Eel Nino
S08-E2163White Thunder at Glacier Bay: Part 1
S08-E2262White Thunder at Glacier Bay: Part 2
S09-E0562The Natural
S09-E0662Drop Zone
S09-E0762Hot Summer Night
S09-E1362Come Fly with Me
S10-E0664Sunday in Kaua'i
S10-E0762Risk to Death

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