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Top 50 episodes of Cheers (1982-1993)

These top 50 episodes are listed in chronological order, since that's usually the best viewing order. Click the "Rating" column heading to order the episodes by rating.

S01-E0183Give Me a Ring Sometime
S01-E0583The Coach's Daughter
S01-E0882Truce or Consequences
S01-E1084Endless Slumper
S01-E1785Diane's Perfect Date
S01-E1987Pick a Con... Any Con
S01-E2285Show Down: Part 2
S02-E0482Homicidal Ham
S03-E0485Fairy Tales Can Come True
S03-E1483The Heart Is a Lonely Snipehunter
S03-E1782The Mail Goes to Jail
S03-E2183The Executive's Executioner
S03-E2286Cheerio, Cheers
S03-E2382The Bartender's Tale
S04-E0182Birth, Death, Love and Rice
S04-E1682Cliffie's Big Score
S04-E1982Dark Imaginings
S04-E2684Strange Bedfellows: Part 3
S05-E0487Abnormal Psychology
S05-E0985Thanksgiving Orphans
S05-E1883One Last Fling
S05-E2086Dinner at Eight-ish
S05-E2186Simon Says
S05-E2686I Do, Adieu
S06-E0582The Crane Mutiny
S06-E0884Bidding on the Boys
S06-E1485And God Created Woodman
S06-E1883Let Sleeping Drakes Lie
S06-E2484The Big Kiss-Off
S07-E0683Norm, Is That You?
S07-E0783How to Win Friends and Electrocute People
S07-E2183Sisterly Love
S08-E1486What is... Cliff Clavin?
S08-E1983Indoor Fun with Sammy and Robby
S08-E2682Cry Harder
S09-E0983Bad Neighbor Sam
S09-E1583The Days of Wine and Neuroses
S10-E0282Get Your Kicks on Route 666
S10-E0785Bar Wars V: The Final Judgement
S10-E1689One Hugs, the Other Doesn't
S10-E2484Heeeeeere's... Cliffy!
S10-E2587An Old-Fashioned Wedding
S11-E0883Ill-Gotten Gaines
S11-E1784The Bar Manager, the Shrink, His Wife and Her Lover
S11-E1986Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey
S11-E2083Look Before You Sleep
S11-E2285It's Lonely on the Top
S11-E2590One for the Road