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Top 50 episodes of Dirty Jobs (2005-2012)

These top 50 episodes are listed in chronological order, since that's usually the best viewing order. Click the "Rating" column heading to order the episodes by rating.

S1-E0375Pig Farmer
S1-E0475Chick Sexer
S1-E0774Hot Tar Roofer
S1-E0872Ostrich Farmer
S1-E1174Bio-Diesel Man
S1-E1273Micro-Algae Man
S2-E0574Alligator Farmer
S2-E1074Casino Food Recycler
S2-E1474Geoduck Farmer
S2-E2175Monkey Caretaker
S2-E2376Snake Researcher
S2-E2675Mosquito Control Officer
S3-E0273Poo Pot Maker
S3-E0374Mule Logger
S3-E0476Well Digger
S3-E0773Wine Maker
S3-E1077Billboard Installer
S3-E1181Snake Wrangler
S3-E1481Bridge Painter
S3-E1573Vomit Island Workers
S3-E1676Alligator Egg Collector
S4-E1973Tar Rigger
S4-E2273Leech Trapper
S4-E2573Egg Farm
S5-E0274Abandoned Mine Plugger
S5-E0373Animal Rendering
S5-E0479Goose Down Plucker
S5-E0874200 Jobs Look-Back
S5-E1276High-Rise Window Washer
S5-E1474Camel Rancher
S5-E2275Worm Grunter
S6-E0173Animal Control Specialist
S6-E0273Cricket Farmer
S6-E0377Chicken Busters
S6-E0780Tight Spaces 2
S6-E0983The Dirty Truth
S7-E0173Exotic Nanny
S7-E0475Animal Relocator
S7-E0873Bug Detective
S7-E0973Horse Tester
S7-E1373Date Palm Pollinator
S7-E1773Dirty Infrastructure
S8-E0174Fish Squeezer
S8-E0274Fossil Hunter
S8-E0373Doomsday Seed Banker
S8-E0473Water Softener Technician
S8-E0673Mardi Gras Bladder Banger
S8-E0976Tower Top Hand
S8-E1173Dirty Conversations 2

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