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Top 50 episodes of Dragon Ball Z (1989-2003)

These top 50 episodes are listed in chronological order, since that's usually the best viewing order. Click the "Rating" column heading to order the episodes by rating.

S01-E0181The Arrival of Raditz
S01-E0381Gohan's Hidden Powers
S01-E0481Goku's Unusual Journey
S01-E2181The Return of Goku
S01-E2282Goku Strikes Back
S01-E2383Goku vs. Vegeta... a Saiyan Duel!
S01-E2482Vegeta... Saiyan Style!
S01-E2582Stop Vegeta Now!
S01-E2683The Battle Ends
S02-E0982The Nameks Versus Frieza
S02-E1583The Eldest Namek
S02-E1981Immortality Denied
S02-E2282Arrival of the Ginyu Force
S02-E2481Time Tricks and Body Binds
S02-E2685Enter Goku
S02-E2785Goku... Super Saiyan?
S03-E0181Ginyu Assault
S03-E0381Frieza Approaches
S03-E0681Gohan, Defeat Your Dad!!
S03-E0782Captain Ginyu... The Frog
S04-E0283Piccolo's Return
S04-E0485Fighting Power: One Million??
S04-E0781Frieza's Second Transformation
S04-E0881Another Transformation
S04-E1081The Renewed Goku
S04-E1185The End of Vegeta
S04-E1281The Ultimate Battle
S04-E1682Embodiment of Fire
S04-E2092Transformed at Last
S04-E2185Explosion of Anger
S04-E2281Namek's Destruction
S04-E2987Frieza Defeated!!
S04-E3084Mighty Blast of Rage
S06-E0283The Mysterious Youth
S06-E0386Another Super Saiyan?
S06-E0585Mystery Revealed
S07-E0281A Handy Trick
S07-E0485Upgrade to Super Saiyan
S08-E1281Silent Warrior
S09-E0383Super Vegeta
S12-E0883Videl Is Crushed
S13-E0182The Wizard's Curse
S13-E0984The Dark Prince Returns
S13-E1083Vegeta's Pride
S13-E1182The Long Awaited Fight
S14-E0687Final Atonement
S15-E0183The Evil of Men
S15-E1082A Whole New Gohan
S16-E0582Vegeta's Respect
S16-E1182Spirit Bomb Triumphant

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