Top 10 episodes of Drawn Together (2004-2007)

These top 10 episodes are listed in chronological order, since that's usually the best viewing order. Click the "Rating" column heading to order the episodes by rating.

S2-E0278Foxxy vs. The Board of Education
S2-E0478Captain Hero's Marriage Pact
S2-E0580Clum Babies
S2-E0781Super Nanny
S2-E1278The Lemon AIDS Walk
S2-E1382A Very Special Drawn Together After School Special
S3-E0280Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!
S3-E0778Lost in Parking Space: Part One
S3-E0982Charlotte's Web of Lies
S3-E1177Drawn Together Babies