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Top 50 episodes of Dynasty (1981-1989)

These top 50 episodes are listed in chronological order, since that's usually the best viewing order. Click the "Rating" column heading to order the episodes by rating.

S1-E0573The Dinner Party
S1-E0774The Chauffeur Tells a Secret
S1-E1475Blake Goes to Jail
S1-E1574The Testimony
S2-E0175Enter Alexis
S2-E0273The Verdict
S2-E0674Viva Las Vegas
S2-E0773The Miscarriage
S2-E0975The Psychiatrist
S2-E1176The Car Explosion
S2-E1373The Hearing
S2-E1473The Iago Syndrome
S2-E1577The Party
S2-E1675The Baby
S2-E1777Mother and Son
S2-E1881The Gun
S2-E1975The Fragment
S2-E2077The Shakedown
S2-E2173The Two Princes
S2-E2276The Cliff
S3-E0374The Wedding
S3-E0473The Will
S3-E0873La Mirage
S3-E2475The Cabin
S4-E0175The Arrest
S4-E1274The Wedding
S4-E2674New Lady in Town
S4-E2776The Nightmare
S5-E2976Royal Wedding
S6-E0274The Homecoming
S6-E0374The Californians
S6-E0974The Close Call
S6-E3074The Triple-Cross
S7-E1674The Portrait
S7-E2674The Confession
S8-E1174The New Moguls
S8-E1574The Rifle
S8-E2075The Trial
S9-E0474Body Trouble
S9-E0875The Wedding
S9-E1974No Bones About It
S9-E2075Here Comes the Son
S9-E2175Blasts from the Past
S9-E2276Catch 22

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