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Top 25 episodes of Married... with Children (1987-1997)

These top 25 episodes are listed in chronological order, since that's usually the best viewing order. Click the "Rating" column heading to order the episodes by rating.

S02-E1084The Razor's Edge
S02-E1283Earth Angel
S02-E1385You Better Watch Out
S02-E2084Just Married... with Children
S03-E0186He Thought He Could
S03-E0683Her Cups Runneth Over
S03-E1187Eatin' Out
S03-E1384Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me
S04-E0187Hot off the Grill
S04-E1284It's a Bundyful Life Part 2
S04-E1886What Goes Around Came Around
S05-E0584Dance Show
S05-E0784Married... with Aliens
S05-E1785Oldies But Young 'Uns
S05-E2189You Better Shop Around: Part 1
S05-E2286You Better Shop Around: Part 2
S06-E1884My Dinner with Anthrax
S06-E2085High I.Q.
S07-E2184Movie Show
S08-E2185Nooner or Later
S09-E0885Sleepless in Chicago
S10-E1785Calendar Girl
S10-E2785The Joke's on Al

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