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Top 25 episodes of Rizzoli and Isles (2010-2016)

These top 25 episodes are listed in chronological order, since that's usually the best viewing order. Click the "Rating" column heading to order the episodes by rating.

S1-E0783Born to Run
S1-E1088When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang
S2-E0982Gone Daddy Gone
S2-E1084Remember Me
S2-E1282He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
S2-E1582Burning Down the House
S3-E0181What Doesn't Kill You
S3-E0583Throwing Down the Gauntlet
S3-E1281Love the Way You Lie
S4-E0484Killer in High Heels
S4-E0581Dance with the Devil
S4-E1181Judge, Jury and Executioner
S5-E0183A New Day
S5-E1081Phoenix Rising
S5-E1282Burden of Proof
S5-E1481Foot Loose
S6-E1381Hide and Seek
S6-E1781Bomb Voyage
S7-E0483Post Mortem
S7-E0781Dead Weight
S7-E1384Ocean Frank

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