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Top 50 episodes of Roseanne (1988-1997)

These top 50 episodes are listed in chronological order, since that's usually the best viewing order. Click the "Rating" column heading to order the episodes by rating.

S01-E0981Dan's Birthday Bash
S01-E1581Nightmare on Oak Street
S01-E1779Becky's Choice
S01-E2082Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore
S01-E2180Death and Stuff
S02-E0183Inherit the Wind
S02-E0982We Gather Together
S02-E1085Brain-Dead Poets Society
S02-E1280No Talking
S02-E1380Chicken Hearts
S02-E1581An Officer and a Gentleman
S02-E1679Born to Be Wild
S02-E2279April Fool's Day
S03-E0180The Test
S03-E0383Like a Virgin
S03-E0484Like, a New Job
S03-E0784Trick or Treat
S03-E0980Bird Is the Word
S03-E2181Trouble with the Rubbles
S03-E2484Scenes from a Barbecue
S04-E0379Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker
S04-E0682Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down
S04-E1080Thanksgiving 1991
S04-E1180Kansas City, Here We Come
S04-E1281Santa Claus
S04-E1879This Old House
S04-E1984The Commercial Show
S05-E0280Terms of Estrangement: Part 2
S05-E0381The Dark Ages
S05-E0580Pretty in Black
S05-E0679Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places
S05-E0780Halloween IV
S05-E1082Good Girls, Bad Girls
S05-E1281It's No Place Like Home for the Holidays
S05-E1386Crime and Punishment
S05-E1489War and Peace
S05-E1682Wait till Your Father Gets Home
S05-E1986It's a Boy
S05-E2079It Was Twenty Years Ago Today
S06-E0486A Stash from the Past
S06-E0683Halloween V
S07-E0681Skeleton in the Closet
S08-E2380The Wedding
S10-E0381Roseanne Gets the Chair
S10-E0580Darlene v. David

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