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Top 50 episodes of Top Chef (2006-)

These top 50 episodes are listed in chronological order, since that's usually the best viewing order. Click the "Rating" column heading to order the episodes by rating.

S04-E1374Puerto Rico
S05-E0375Foo Fighters
S05-E1076Super Bowl Chef Showdown
S05-E1174Le Bernardin
S05-E1275The Last Supper
S05-E1375Finale Part 1
S06-E0180Sin City Vice
S06-E0476Vivre Las Vegas
S06-E0677Penn & Teller
S06-E0775Dinner Party
S06-E0875Pigs & Pinot
S06-E0976Restaurant Wars
S06-E1076Meat Natalie
S06-E1278Culinary Olympics
S06-E1381Season Finale: Part 1
S06-E1481Season Finale: Part 2
S08-E0276Night at the Museum
S08-E0374New York's Finest
S08-E0779Restaurant Wars: One Night Only
S08-E0875An Offer They Can't Refuse
S08-E0982Feeding Fallon
S08-E1074Lock Down
S08-E1278Give Me Your Huddled Masses
S08-E1475Island Fever
S08-E1776Reunion Special
S09-E0174Everything's Bigger in Texas
S09-E0475Red Hot Chili Cook Off
S09-E0875Tribute Dinner
S09-E1176Fit for an Evil Queen
S09-E1275Block Party
S10-E0176The Ultimate Chef Test
S10-E0674Even the Famous Come Home
S10-E0875Jalapeno Business
S10-E0977Past Suppers
S10-E1075Battle Before the War
S10-E1278Wolfgang Clucks
S10-E1374Chefs At Sea
S12-E1075For Julia & Jacques
S12-E1175Sous Your Daddy!
S14-E0978For the Kids
S14-E1375Trial by Fire
S15-E0175It'll Take More than Pot Luck
S15-E1277Nut Allergy
S15-E1380A Little Place Called Aspen
S16-E0375Naughty and Nice
S16-E1475The Tao of Macau
S18-E1177Blind Ambitions
S19-E1476The Final Plate

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